Dr. R. Padwal

Dr. Raj Padwal photo

Raj Padwal, MD, MSc

Professor of Medicine and Director of the Hypertension Clinic, the University of Alberta
TRANSFORM HF PRISM HF- Population Based Research and Innovation for System Wide Management of HF (WP 2) Team Member


Dr. Raj Padwal is a physician, epidemiologist and health services researcher, with expertise in clinical pharmacology, general internal medicine and clinical epidemiology. He is presently a full Professor in the Division of Internal Medicine at the University of Alberta.

Raj received his medical degree in 1995 from the University of Saskatchewan. He completed his Internal Medicine training at the University of Alberta before a research fellowship in Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Toronto, where he also earned his Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology. 

Dr. Padwal has conducted research spanning the entire health services spectrum, including large scale administrative database analyses (MSc done at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences in Toronto), cross-sectional analyses of Canadian national survey data, primary data collection and longitudinal data analysis (cohort studies in bariatric populations and NHANES), systematic review/meta-analysis, and randomized controlled trials. Much of his research focuses on examining bariatric (obesity) care delivery in Alberta. Dr. Padwal's current interest is conventional blood pressure measurement and innovative new measurement methods. As an academic internist and a health services researcher with an interest in cardiovascular risk management, his specific areas of interest include hypertension, blood pressure measurement and bariatric (obesity) care. He has published 143 peer-reviewed papers and 10 book chapters.

Raj has been actively engaged in Hypertension Canada and its heritage organizations since 2004 when he first joined the CHEP Recommendations Task Force of which is now Co-Chair and a past Chair of the Hypertension Canada CHEP Guidelines Task Force. He serves also as a member of the CHEP Central Review Committee, and of Hypertension Canada’s Operations Committee. Among his many professional awards, he received Hypertension Canada’s Senior Investigator Award in 2014.

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