CC 2 - Commercialization and Technology

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  Dr. S. Ivanchuk
H. Jaferi
  H. Jaferi
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  F. Sie


TRANSFORM HF forms a centralized resource dedicated to the development and validation of cost saving strategies and health outcomes management solutions and provides a forum for the translation of academic research into tangible products and services which may then be commercialized directly by the NCE or indirectly through commercial partnerships.

CC2 will comprise a dedicated network of volunteer and/or invented individuals for commercialization evaluation including: IP lawyers, HTA experts, regulatory specialists, distribution partners, investment banking professionals, seasoned entrepreneurs, Venture Capital partners and marketing and communication specialists.

CC2 will initiate plans for the transition of all vetted technologies into a commercialization path that can either involve bundling and licensing technologies to an existing health care service provider or involve rolling some or all technologies into a new startup in the field of cardiology. The latter will be of interest to provincial and federal governments, as commercialization of research with NCE level scientific, regulatory and business rigor will be realized. Leading Canadian health care incubators will be engaged to guide commercialization of IP generated through TRANSFORM HF.

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