NCE funding represents a unique and unprecedented opportunity to establish a Canadian-leading, internationally competitive Heart Failure (HF) Network that will advance care across the spectrum of HF. TRANSFORM HF will draw on the deep interdisciplinary strengths of renowned academic institutions from across Canada. Through a deliberative and collaborative process with patients, community representatives, expert healthcare providers, policy makers, and industry innovators, we developed a series of comprehensive work packages and cross cutting themes that will focus on the most critical issues in HF. These work packages include: 1) Discovery to Translation; 2) Population-based Research and Innovation for System wide Management of Heart Failure; 3) Health Policy; and a 4) Digital Health Platform. A National Data Infrastructure will be created that will serve as a foundation for the entire Network. This approach will establish the infrastructure for the future development of learning health systems, and inform best practices to operationalize personalized medicine and create new approaches to HF care, research and knowledge generation. TRANSFORM HF’s comprehensive framework will be leveraged to execute Commercialization and Technology Transfer, Health Technology Assessment, and Knowledge and Technology Exchange and Exploitation, ensuring sustainability and providing value for money and return on investment to the Canadian economy.

Through collaboration, integration and innovation with private and public-sector partners,TRANSFORM HF will dramatically alter the management and trajectory of all HF patients in Canada, from molecules to populations, drive new technologies and innovations into the clinical, discovery and commercialization spheres, and improve access to equitable high-quality care. Further, by reducing hospitalization rates and length of stay, TRANSFORM HF will free up critical healthcare dollars for reinvestment. The time is now and the need is great. TRANSFORM HF will have an enduring impact on individuals and families, on our healthcare system, and on our ability to find solutions to treat HF, one of the most critical health issues of our time.

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