CC 3 - Health Technology Assessment

Dr Val Rac
  Dr. V. Rac







Health technologies (devices, services, care pathways) have enormous potential to improve health and healthcare delivery by improving safety, accessibility, efficiency, effectiveness, personalization of care, cost-effectiveness while improving the patient experience and increasing patient engagement with their health. The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and Health Technology Management extend beyond the evidence synthesis for effectiveness, safety, and economics, to include implementation and ethical issues, evaluation of societal benefit and to identify opportunities for disinvestment. Despite the development and application of many health technologies, we remain in the age of promise rather than delivery. Technology exerts enormous pressures on the healthcare system; accounting for 50% of the growth in costs over the past 5 decades. To ensure sustainability of the Canadian healthcare system, rigorous and systematic evaluation of any new technology, its benefits and costs to the system, providers, and patients is needed.
The HTA cross cutter (CC) will generate rigorous evidence and provide decision-support to policy (WP3) and policy makers and payers regarding the innovative, system-disruptive products and technologies developed internally (WP1, WP4) and externally and tested in WP2 (devices, services, care pathways).
Furthermore, the important mandate of the HTA CC is: 1) To change the way Canadians think about technology and innovation; 2) To change the way Canadians access the innovation (democratize the access); 3) To change the way Canadian public engages with the innovation (moving from a limited, predominantly passive role to a very active, co-design / co-production role); 4) To change the way we evaluate (more holistic approach where technology is truly embedded in the system and where impact is measured on a societal level) and procure the technology (employ innovative procurement strategies to ensure accessible, reliable, and ethical procurement of innovative technologies for all Canadians).

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Health Technology Assessment: Better Information, Better Decisions, Better Care

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