Highly Qualified Personnel Members

 Dr. Nadia Giannetti photo

Dr. Nadia Giannetti, MDCM FRCPC

Chief of Cardiology at the McGill University Health Centre; Medical Director of the Heart Failure and Heart Transplant Centre at the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, Quebec
Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) Lead



TRANSFER HF, an innovative educational program of the TRANSFORM HF NCE, will train approximately 130 HQP per year through a multi-dimensional program in diagnostics, therapeutics, policy, HF care pathways, industry innovation, research, patient advocacy and knowledge translation in the field of HF. Utilizing best practices, our HQP will develop TRANSFER HF specific educational content and leverage existing collaborations with the McGill University affiliated Desjardins Centre for Advanced Training, thereby creating a comprehensive multi-thematic educational program involving training in core research methodology, knowledge translation, patient advocacy and policy. The three educational themes will be:

  1. heart function
  2. patient centred care
  3. health systems

TRANSFER HF will recruit a diverse group of personnel, including WP and CC trainees, undergraduates, medical residents and fellows, post-doctoral fellows, research associates, research assistants, nurses, patients and family members with ‘lived experience’ of HF, as well as established researchers and clinicians wishing to enhance their skills. TRANSFER HF HQP will be led by a Steering Committee. TRANSFER HF HQP Society (HQPS) will comprise the TRANSFER HF Highly Qualified Personnel Committee (HQPC; composed of TRANSFORM HF researchers), appointed trainees and a patient council. The HQPS will advise the Steering Committee on HQP policies and review TRANSFORM HF awards and work accomplished (Figure).

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TRANSFER HF an educational program model.