WP 4 - Digital Health Platform

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The health and well-being of individuals with HF require access to best evidence guidelines for optimal self-care, combined with effective peer support, using behavioural and digital health innovations. At present, patient support programs in Canada are fragmented across healthcare settings. Patients are exposed to inconsistent standards for health education content and clinical support. When they turn to the open internet they are further exposed to the risk of misinformation or costly support programs that diverge from evidence-based care.

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We will enable health care professionals to work collaboratively with patients to support their needs for self-care education and to effectively support beneficial lifestyle changes. We will develop and evaluate (WP2, CC3) a Canadian multifunctional digital platform that will provide a common standard of bestevidence clinical counselling, including addressing the mental health of HF patients. This will extend across institutions, be accessible within the patient’s home, and evolve over time using AI, machinebased learning approaches and iterative pragmatic studies (WP2) so that an optimal counselling protocol of quality care is available to all patients—anywhere, anytime. Theme 1 will support patient driven, patient empowered, and unlimited access to, self-help behaviours.
Access to a virtual community of patient and caregiver peer support can create positive role modeling, disseminate information about how to sustain therapeutic lifestyle change and improve QoL, from the onset of HF diagnosis through to end-of-life care. We will foster patient-to-patient peer support and coaching; the therapeutic benefit of this initiative will be evaluated in conjunction with WP2. Novel narrative markers, mobile applications and information from wearable devices will be validated with objective indices of lifestyle change and QoL creating a novel series of outcome measures for therapeutic improvement in self-care and QoL, with potential commercial application (CC2) as endpoints for clinical trial research in HF.
We will create scalable remote patient monitoring solutions to enhance self-care and self-management. We will use iterative cycles of design and testing to assess functionality and revision to ensure suitability for Indigenous and vulnerable populations. Tools to collect patient reported experiences and outcomes will be embedded in the interventions for real time reporting. We will perform registry-based trials (with WP2 and CC3) in select patient groups identified using provincial/national registries, to compare clinical outcomes in communities or health care centres where our digital health interventions have been utilized. This will build and reinforce community-based and social support while promoting self-care behaviour and QoL.


Medly mobile application.

First-in-Canada implant sensor for heart failure.